Correcting your bite and smile without traditional braces might be an excellent option for you. Hundreds of thousands of people have made that choice to straighten their teeth and get the smile they have always wanted without traditional metal and wires.

Having a smile that shows off straight, brilliant teeth is more than just attractive – it’s healthy! Studies have shown that crowding or spacing between teeth allows for highly aggressive bacteria to go to work in the mouth, with implications that reach far beyond your teeth and gums. Because you want to enjoy a healthy smile and a strong body, it just makes sense to investigate your options for straightening misaligned teeth.

Invisalign has become a popular choice for teens and adults alike, and for a good reason. With Invisalign, there are no wires, no metal, and no hassle. Wearing customized aligners, you can eat what you want. The aligners can be completely removed for eating, as well as for brushing and flossing. While this is an important reason why people prefer these “invisible” braces, it certainly isn’t the only benefit.

Most anyone with minor to moderate misalignment, especially in the front teeth, can be a good candidate for Invisalign. They are a great choice for patients who want straighter teeth without the appearance of braces. The clear aligners are also ideal for the busy patient who wants to play an active role in their treatment.

With Invisalign, you are fitted with customized aligners (sometimes called “trays”) based on impressions taken of your mouth. Precise, computer-designed progressive sets of trays are created. You take these home and switch to a new set every two weeks. Periodically, you will return to the dentist’s office for a fitting of new aligners. The entire treatment plan typically lasts six to 18 months, depending on the mouth’s condition upon initial consultation.

I loved my experience with Invisalign! The aligners were super simple to use. I’m a snacker, so I appreciated being able to take them in and out easily. Because I had to brush after eating to put the aligners back in, I had the healthiest gums ever! Straightening my teeth with Invisalign has made it easier for me to floss and keep my teeth and gums healthy. No one noticed when I wore them, but because I was so excited about them, I told everyone anyway!

I can’t say enough good about Drs. Hoag & Dotsch and their entire team. They go the extra mile to make each trip to the dentist a pleasant one. They are friendly and fun, as well as professional. I brag about them every chance I get and would recommend them for any dental service, not just Invisalign.

– Kristine Russell

Trust your smile to Invisalign Preferred Provider

Hoag & Dotsch is the only general and cosmetic dental practice in the Shoreline area to have been awarded this Preferred Provider distinction for 2011.

Invisalign Preferred Providers have achieved a higher level of clinical training and experience in treating patients with the Invisalign system. Invisalign has designated us with this distinction to demonstrate the commitment we have to learn the latest in technology advances through our continuing education and expertise in designing treatment plans to achieve great outcomes.

Look for this Preferred Provider 2011 designation when you come in for your free Invisalign consultation. Call us at 206-542-4344 to see how Invisalign can create the healthy, confident smile you have always wanted. We have the photos of our own patients to see for yourself how it has changed their lives for the better.