Family Dentistry

Typically, the terms “family dentistry” and “general dentistry” are used interchangeably. But in our case, it really is personal. Ours is a second-generation practice, and we sometimes see up to three generations of a family come through our office. This is exactly how it should be – it allows us to understand your medical background and dental heredity fully.

Family dentistry incorporates all of the treatments you would call preventive. This means children come in for their initial check-up soon after getting their first tooth, and return every six months for regular exams. Family dentistry is very inclusive. We are here to meet your family’s dental needs from the very beginning. Children and parents can learn proper care and nutrition to maintain oral health as soon as they get their primary teeth. They learn to keep up this routine over the years to ensure a healthy smile.

Establishing yourself as part of the family with Drs. Hoag and Dotsch consist of a comprehensive oral exam. You will spend one on one time with the doctor as well as explaining to our team what is important to you. We pride ourselves on letting our patients know that we both hear and listen when they speak. Our goal is that you will never have to tell us the same thing twice. What’s important to you will be important to us, and we will design your dental visits and treatment plans accordingly.

Optimal physical and dental health is a realistic goal for our patients. We are trained to test and treat for health issues that challenge your immune system and overall dental conditions. Our patients receive professional cleanings and therapy based on the health of their teeth and gums. We are committed to never over-treating or under-treating your needs. Evidence-based dentistry is our patient’s best option.

Even patients who brush and floss regularly benefit from twice-yearly professional cleanings, as bacteria and plaque can build up in places that are not easily reached. Additionally, our patients may receive a fluoride treatment after the cleaning has been completed, as a way to strengthen teeth and ward off decay for a longer period of time.

Visiting a family dentist is not something you should do only when you experience pain, or worse yet, a broken or chipped tooth due to decay. It’s a wise investment to plan regular check-ups and cleanings to preserve your healthy mouth and beautiful smile. We’d love to welcome you to the family.